Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wolverine and Butthash

Movie of the year so far? Not quite, good comic book movie? yes, what I expected? not so much. So yea i went to see Wolverine with a bunch of friends yesterday at around 6 and each of us went in with different expectations. Some high, some low but all interested in seeing the end result. They showed some DOPE previews, especially the new trailers for Transformers 2 *jizz in my pants* and Terminator: Salvation *jizz in my pants once more* which i will DEFINATELY be seeing in the coming weeks. Now going into the theater I was most just hoping that they truly did Wolverine justice and showcases how he truly became the man that he is today. Now while they did a pretty good job at that (the first half of the movie showing his days in wars and Weapon X were done well) I feel that there was a lot that was left alot and there were often times where I was wondering why in the hell he was doing what he was doing. Another problem that I had with the movie is that some characters had no reason being there (Cyclops never met Wolverine or Sabertooth when he was a teen) and some weren't used as well as I would've hoped (*cough*Gambit*cough*). Also there was a lot of parts in the movie that were just so ridiculous that I couldn't help but laugh. The movie did have some great points as well tho. Hugh Jackman is by far the best thing that has happened to Wolverine media wise. He really makes you believe that he's Logan and really puts himself into the role. The one sequence when he gets the adamantium bonded to his bones is especially memorable. Also Deadpool was done complete justice until the end. Not trying to spoil anything but ima just say that Deadpool shouldn't be doing some things -_-. Overall this movie was in a way a disappointment but as a whole it was a solid and overall satisfying movie. I give it a B/B-.

In other news, check THIS shit out (no pun intended)

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  1. thanks again for the critique
    btw its random but i love ur playlist

  2. thanx minnerz, if u ever get bored u can always come to my page and listen to my musix