Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spray Paint & Ink Pens

I know what you're probably thinking, what the hell is this dude doing overhauling us with so many posts? I apologize, i'm just surfin around youtube and remembering things that either I used to find awesome or interesting prompting me to wanna blog about them lol. Be sure to check out and comment on the other posts too, love yall's feedback.

-A few posts ago I voiced how displeased that I am with 50 Cent these days. And while my feelings for him still stand I can't even deny that this song is dope as all hell to this day. Probably 50's most creative song concept wise. The video is ridiculous too, lovin the Minority Report vibe. AYYYYYOOOOO I'm tired of usin technology, why don't sit down on top of me, MY SHIT!!! lol. Justin is that dude lol.

-Anyone see the reunion show for For The Love of Ray J? Dare I say it, Ray and Cocktail looked real cute together, i won't even lie. Let's just hope this is legit or we'll be seeing For the Love of Ray J 2 and sad to say, i know ima be watchin lol.

-If you were curious, I came up with Rock on from Krypton completely randomly lol. I just thought it sounded cool.

-I miss 90s cartoons. Some shows nowadays are pretty cool but 90s cartoons always kept me glued to the TV. I dunno what it is about em but they're just so badass. Even know i'll go on youtube and look at old intros from my favorite 90s shows and bask in the nostalgia.

-I love the word's a sexy word lol.

-Scrubs is my new obsession. I used to not watch it that much but a friend of mine really got me into it recently and now i watch it like nonstop. That show is beyond hilarious and the head doctor on there was House before Dr House.

-Speaking of dope television shows, you all need to check out Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV. It's a show that takes the world's greatest known warriors (both past and present) and through the use of technology, science and observation pit them against each other to see who would be the victor. It's really cool to watch and it's gotten to the point that me and my friends bet on who's gonna win sometimes lol.

-I really need to get an Xbox360, though I've always been faithful to Sony, PS3 is just too damn expensive and a lot of games nowadays are coming out for both systems. Maybe when PS3 gets more exclusives then i'll buy it when I got the money, but for right now my eye is on the 360.

-Wolverine 3 days and counting! Read an early review recently and it got an okay rating but I still wanna see it so I can cast my own judgement.

-I forgot about this song but Eminem DESTROYS this song. Dude is a monster

-I just recently found out that 30 Seconds to Mars and Kanye West are workin on a track together for 30StM's new album. I'm SOOOOOOO psyched for that. I know it'll be beyond dope.

-I have a very longrunning love/hate relationship with reggaeton. I used to hate it wholeheartedly, but my ex (aka the Best I Ever Had) kinda got me into it so now I can stomach it. Still all sounds the same to me though.

-Speaking of spanish music I can do a mean Bachata!

-This is one of my FAVORITE songs of all time. Just everything about this song is dope. Each of the rappers on the song tell a different story in their verse and it all ends up playing out like 3 seperate movies in one song. Ghostface tells the story of a street kid that gets caught up in the life of hustlin and gets in over his head. Shinoda raps about a crack dealer who finds out that his wife was killed and ends up commiting suicide and Lupe (my favorite verse) tells a more imaginative story about a man sacrificing himself for his family during a war in space. Combined with an ILLL beat produced by Mike Shinoda with a phat bassline that'll leave you with neckpains from noddin your head so hard, this song is one of the hottest songs in years.

-Am I the only person who thought that the Kingdom Come album by Jay-Z was kinda dope? It was no Blueprint 2 or Black Album (my favorite Jay-Z album) but it definately was still better than a lot of rap albums out there. To me it showcased a more mature and calm Jay who had gotten to a point in his career where he felt comfortable with everything that was going on. There were a lot of hot tracks on that album too; Kingdom Come, Oh My God, Lost One, Hollywood feat Beyonce and my favorite track on the album and one of my favorite songs by Jay period, Beach Chair feat Chris Martin. I think the only downfall of that album was the fact that it came out after Jay had seemingly backed out of the rap game with a BANGER like The Black Album so when people heard that he was coming back they expecting something on par with or better than that album and they didn't get that. Either way though, listening to that album again (I relisten to albums alot lol) I really think it's a damn good body of work by Mr Carter. Can't wait to hear The Blueprint 3.

-Is Detox EVER gonna come out?

-I'm not the biggest fan of Ray J musically, he has a few good songs here and there, but this song is dope. Perfect summer song. Definately gonna be on my ipod while crusin along with Rick Ross' new album (CHECK IT OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!)

-I think i'm slowly turning into a sneakerhead. I really love sneakers lol. My most wanted sneakers right now are all black supras, double tounged chucks (the chucks that I own now have been thru hell lol), and the red and black air yeezys (a long shot but a man can dream).

-I talk about music alot don't i?

-No matter how many times I watch this video, I ALWAYS laugh my ass off. MadTV used to be comedy gold. So listen...Can I have yo numba? can i have it? can i? can I have it? XD. What would you do in this situation females?

-You know which artist I listen to solely for the purpose of laughter? Cam'ron. That dude raps on a 2nd grade reading level XD. Rooty tooty, fresh n fruity, roody pooty, booty judy lol.

-I been told that I do good impressions of people. My best ones are Arnold Schwarzenagger, Bill Cosby and Apu from The Simpsons. Can any of you do impressions?

-Heavy asian accents make me wanna laugh.

-I wish The Rock would come back to the WWE, he was by far the funniest man in wrestling history. He taught me what Poontang Pie was XD. "Poontang your ass on outta here!" lmao.

-Ima bring back the term Jabroni lol.

-Smirnoff Ice: Green Apple Bite is my ish

-I'm running out of things to blog about lol

And on that not I bid you all adieu. Rock on from Krypton!

Dueces Up!



  1. - Ayo Technology would have been my signature stripping song if I was a stripper! LOL! =)

    "She wants it HOO HOO she want's it HOO. I gottta give it to her..."

    - Did you see the side eye Ray J was giving Danger when she was talking about her so called "pregnancy" HILL-LARRY-US!

    - LOL! at "nostalgia"

    - It's ALL about Entourage and Nip/tuck!

    - It does ALL sound the same, sorta like gogo. But Daddy Yankee and Don Omar are my dude!

    - I like the realness of the song. There's nothing like REAL hip-hop talking about REAL struggles.

    - Sexy Ladies is hella catchy!

    - LMAO at 2nd grade reading level

    - I have a killa man voice! I dunno where it comes from but it's really good.

    - "Pootang" I haven't heard that in a while.

  2. -LMAO!!! I woulda loved to see that.

    -lmao yea he was like O_O "fuck this bitch talkin bout?!"

    -don't lie, you kno it's sexy lol

    -Entourage i was never able to get into due to lack of HBO and Nip/Tuck i used to watch religiously kinda stopped after i missed a bunch of episodes.

    -I can tolerate Daddy Yankee because he has a few ok songs but i HATE Don Omar -_-.

    -It really is! sounds like one of those old 90s summer jams

    -lmao a killa man voice? ima have to hear that

    -Pootang is that shit!