Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now I'm Awake, Sleepless in June....

This dude is truly ahead of his time. On the real this is one of the greatest televised performances that I've ever witnessed and as far as live performances go I don't think there's anyone that's on his level. I know he gets called cocky and egotistical alot but when I seem Kanye perform all i see is the true essence of an "artist". Everything in this performance from the lighting, the ambience, the background vocals/instrumental and his singing is amazing. We all know he's not an amazing singer but that's what gives the lyrics more depth is the fact that he's coming from the heart. Kanye West is one of the only artists that I truly admire and completely relate to. Dude makes me want to be best that I can at what i want to do. If yall haven't seen VH1 Storytellers with him I definately urge you to look it up because definately a sight to behold. Rock on from Krypton

"The requirement is inspirement, and I am hiring but also firing"


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