Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Wass really good ppl? It's ur favorite kryptonian back from his small hiatus with a clear head and a restored outlook on things! How yall been? For those of yall on spring break currently, how's it been? Done anything interesting?
I myself just got back from Ocean City with the fam, which was cool aside from slightly whack weather and personal attitudes of some people *rolls eyes*. Got a bunch of pictures and a few videos but yall are gonna have to hit up my facebook to see those cuz posting all 90 of them damn pix on here ain't happenin.
It's been a while since i've done a post on a bunch of random things on my mind so why the hell not!

-What happened to ms Ill-licious? her blog randomly died, makes me sad cuz she was a real cool girl. Hope she's ok. If ya read this, holla at ya boi Paula!

-I got another follower recently =D, welcome to the Fortress pplz, hope you enjoy yourselves. I look forward to hearing ur input on various things.

-Anyone see the most recent episode of South Park? Poor Kanye XD. They messed up Heartless for me, now all i hear is Gay Fish when i hear it lmao. I hope Ye' doesn't take this one personally.

-Speaking of TV, Que needs to get himself some help. I personally think dude may be on drugs because that's the only think i can think of that would make him so damn jumpy.

-Who do yall think is gonna win For The Love of Ray J? I'm thinkin Cocktail

-Saw Fast & Furious recently, shit was dope. Just good ole brainless fun, pure popcorn movie. I'd rank it up there with the first movie in the series, yall should go see it if u got money to drop and feel like enjoyin a movie.

-Since summer's comin up we all know an assload of movies are about to drop. You guys got any that your excited about? I'm lookin forward to Fighting, Transformers 2, Wolverine, Star Trek, Observe and Report and Year One. I kno there's more but those are the ones that i can readily name off the top of my head.

-Has anyone gotten the Air Yeezys? I want em, them joints are pretty fly. Especially the black and red ones or the all black ones.

-Friends with benefits, though impractical, are quite fun while they last lol.

-I'm at a point in my life where i'm pretty much over my ex (which took a LONG time), and looking to meet someone new. I'm expanding my horizons more so if I'm definately open to anyone who's interested. What i mostly look for is an intelligent, ambitious and ecclectic girl with a good sense of humor, and a lil bit of freak in her (ima be honest). If that's you or you know someone who fits that description, holla at ya boi.

-Have yall heard about Lupe's band Japanese Cartoon? It's pretty dope, very political and rebellious. Here's the first video, Army.

-Any wrestling fans out there? I saw Wrestlemania on Sunday and it was pretty dope aside from a few matches. HBK vs Undertaker was the best match that I've seen in years.

-Anyone seen Eminem's comeback video? I'm SLIGHTLY disappointed because he went with his normal formula of dropping a celebrity bashing, funny video first like he did back in the early 2000s. The song is pretty catchy tho and Em's flow on the song is ridiculous. Here's hoping this album is more Marshall Mathers LP and less Encore.

-Speaking of Eminem, yall remember this song? This whole album was my shit back in the day especially this and Fight Music.

-What are you guy's favorite celebrity blogs? Mine are Kanye's, The Lupe Fiasco Show, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, Drake (even tho he doesn't update much), Kid Cudi and Charles Hamilton.

-How come gossip sites like Bossip and Mediatakeout immediately ride someone off as gay if they wear fitting clothes or hang out with dudes? I find that a little annoying and close minded.

-The sky might fall...the sky might fall....but i'm not worried at all. Kid Cudi's album's gonna be so dope

-I like how the dance world is getting more recognition nowadays. As a dancer I take much pride in it. This is gonna be so dope

-Who do you guys think is better? Daft Punk or Justice? Justice is dope as hell but Daft Punk will always be the kings of house/techno to me.

-I think underaged girls developing fast as hell now is god punishing men for impure thoughts lol.

-I am now officially a Rick Ross fan, this song is my ISH!!!!!

-What are you guy's guilty pleasures? Mine is japanese music lol. I can't really understand what they're saying but i love listening to it. Here's one of my fave Japanese songs

Aight yall that's enough for right now, i'm hungry as a mutha and I need to get myself together cuz i don't plan to stay in the house all day. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!



  1. - Que needs to talk to a therapist or some shit. At first I understood because the music industry can take a toll on a person and make them act of of character, but that nigga is straight trippin!

    - idk I think something wild will happen. Like he won't pick either or maybe both girls. I want him to pick Danger, I like her. But you know how these reality shows are, there's probably going to be a "For The Love of Ray Jay 2" when well they learn that you can't find real love on T.V.?

    - I'm thinking about going to see it. The fact that they made a part 3, obviously means there's something special about the movies.

    - I cannot wait for Wolverine and Transformers 2!!! I've marked the date on the calender and shit.

    - I watch Raw every Monday night at 9 and Smackdown every Friday night at 8 =]

    - I'm so disappointed by Eminem. He should've came back with a bang! With some new material, all the same his albums are pretty dope. I still blast Curtain Call.

    - I love Kanye West's blog, I always learn something new from there. It's like my version of the news and newspapers.

    - I done left those gossip sites a long time ago. Made my ass begin to feel ignorant.

    - Daft Punk all day! They're like classics. But Justice's D.A.N.C.E. is my shit! Have you heard of CSS? They have this song called "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" and "Alala" I love them! Check them out.

    - Rick Ross is the motherfreaking BOSS! At first I thought he was a wangsta but I have a lot of respect from him now.

  2. u kno...ur like the perfect girl lmao. WAYYYYY too much in common with me. 4real, u need to stop b4 i come find yu lol

  3. ;)

    now there's an idea!