Thursday, June 11, 2009

Close Encounters w/ Air Yeezy

Air Yeezy Spec: (Extended Version) from Samtubia Edwards on Vimeo.

This is an amazing fan made commercial promoting the Air Yeezys. The concept is really dope and fits the kinda space age look of the shoe. I hope that one day I can get up to that level of ability when it comes to film. Only time will tell.

Also Kanye related, check out his appearance on The View, good interview. Kanye's really coming into his own, humble dude. Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!

-Vision.Air.y aka The Black Zack Morris-


  1. - that was W-O-W! ... don't worry you will =]

    - The Black Zack Morris?

  2. wasn't it?! craziness i tell ya. Thanks for the confidence in me frankie, ur the fuckin best.

    hah yea, my lil sis and i were watchin Saved by the Bell and she said that i was the black version of Zack Morris. Wat do you think?

    How've u been Frankie? I wish there was a better way ta keep in touch witcha lol

  3. - Anytime.

    - Honestly? I like "Vision.Air.y" way better, but I'm kinda feeling "The Black Zack Morris" just may take some getting used too.

    - I've been GREAT, thanks for asking =] how about you? As far as keeping in touch there's um I dunno "email" =P

  4. hah i see watchu mean, for you i'll just leave it at vision.air.y then =P.

    lmao well i mean last time u told me that you don't check ur email often but aight email it is! I been doin pretty good as well. Glad to hear ur doin great! I'll hit u up with an email