Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shining Down on you...or not

I was gonna post Shining Down by Lupe Fiasco today (song is RIDICULOUS) but apparantly it was leaked without his permission and so out of respect for him I'm just gonna leave it alone until it OFFICIALLY released. Up top is the video for the Ego (Remix) feat Mr West. I always loved Kanye's verse on this joint and he just keeps getting better lyrically. Check it out if you like.

How's everyone been lately? Seems like alot of people have been busy with their own individual lives (hope only good things) and so I thought I'd check up on the best followers in the world. Me I ain't been up to too much, takin a few photos here and there, still job searchin (Potbelly's is givin me the run around -_-), and just tryna make the most of the days that seem to drag on.

-Thank god that So You Think You Can Dance is back on, it helps me keep my sanity lol. This season looks like it'll be real dope.

-These are some concept pix i took recently, one I used for my new banner and was influenced by both the Star Trek live long and prosper sign and the eye on the back of dollar bills. The other one is basically a picture illustrating the periods of our lives where we lose ourselves to the point where we can't even figure out who we are when we look in the mirror. Hope you like em.

-I been to so many grad partys and cookouts lately that I don't even care about the accomplishment anymore lol. It's sad to say but like i'll all partied out. Mad props to all the graduates tho *checks facebook and sees another invite* FUCCCCCKK!

-Mr Solo Dolo is my favorite all time Kid Cudi song right now. This song pretty much sums up Cudi's style of music, real spacy retrospective type shit. Whenever I hear this song I get tempted to smoke (and I don't smoke) and just stare at the sky. It's an amazing song.

-Besides the world of music i feel like everything's so damn boring right now -_-. Interest me Hollywood! lol.

-I've been watching a lot of old anime lately (it's the best) and I still think Speed Racer has one of the dopest theme songs of all time. Shit is so funky lol. The movie was still dope to me even though so many people hated it lol.

-I recently saw a video of Columbus Short reharsing on stage for a show (I won't post it cuz it's like 10 mins long). Apprantly he's working on an album which doesn't suprise me but what did suprise me is he's pretty damn good. His style kinda reminds me of a fusion of Omarion and Ne-Yo. Let's hope he doesn't turn out to be whack.

-Ahh seeing this video takes me back to high school! lol. I remember back in the late 90s an early 2000s that videos had a more comedic feel to them. Good times, good times.

-I recently saw a bunch of those crazzzyyy german viral videos and scarily enough i think I've been desensitized to them lol. I mean i still cringed but i was trippin out. THEN I saw 1 guy 1 jar....*shudder* there are some sick sick people in this world. *shakes head*

-Apparantly Idris Elba (the dope actor from Daddy's Little Girls and RocknRolla) sings and raps as well and I definately like his style. As far as I know this is the only song that he's released but it's been in HEAVY rotation on my ipod. check it out.

-The Wu is back with another certified banger right here. Raekwon the Chef teams up with Johnny Blaze and Tony Starks to deliver a raw hip-hop track that only the Wu Tang can deliver. I'm definately looking forward to Only Built For Cuban Link II.

Well that's all for not, I got things to see and people to do ;) lol till next time people. Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!



  1. loll shining down came out madddd long ago
    i remember the first time it was leaked
    it was good
    and wu tang
    i remember growing up in park hill we would see them randomly pop up since they lived there and all
    raekwan was cool
    aslo method and red man
    my dad had a long ass history with those dudes
    gangs wars and all mad funny

  2. Yea i know a MADDDD low quality version of the song leaked a while back but the actual CDQ version leaked early this morning.

    oh wow, ur pops knew Wu Tang, that's fuckin crazy.

  3. - I hope it's on YouTube, I haven't heard it yet.

    - I heart the black and white one. It's deep.

    - I'm not feeling "Mr Solo Dolo"

    - That's how I feel! Shit, even music is becoming a bit blah!

    - 1 guy and 1 cup is just ... I don't even know what to say besides "WHY?"

    - "Best That I Can" has grown on me.



  4. hahaha yo that kanye west remix is crazy. i first heard it on his recent mixtape "Air Yeezy". he went hard on this track tho.

    & Speed Racer was my shit bck then man.. classic, classic shit. props for go'n way bck with that one bro lol.

  5. i'm not really feelin that mr solo dolo!!! I'm starting to think he's gonna be another one hit wonder...or maybe its just me? lol

    the dude obviously can't sing so why try (ain't hating)

  6. lmao i'm beginning to think that i'm the only person that is really feelin mr solo dolo XD. I dunno sumthin about the song really puts me in a relaxed state.

  7. lmaoo; yu write so much love
    that i dont even know where to beqin.
    but lemme try :]

    -that idris elba joint is actually kinda dope.
    as well as the wu..which is always qood listeninqs!
    -mr. solo dolo; yu know i love that joint. and ohyeea; i heard shininq down; i dont think i've heard the "REAL" version thouqh; ima check for that.

    and i know i didnt cover everythinq but
    one of these days i promise i will :]

    stayy real love.
    yu'r def my favorite little hiphop head! hehe