Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. to the King of Pop...

"Human Nature" on of my favorite songs by him...

I'm beyond speechless...I don't know why but there's just those people that you never envision dying and he's one of them...Makes me truly realize that no one is exempt...It's gonna be one funky dance party in heaven with him and James Brown...You will DEFINITELY be missed. My Prayers go out to the Jackson family in this grim time...It's a dark day in the fortress so I'm just gonna leave it like this...

Fade to Black...



  1. Human Nature! Lovee that song with all my...purpose in life! ♥
    Cant believe it! He really was supposed to be alive FOREVER! Still rockin shows and shh out this world! Doin the moon walk in a wheel chair!
    Gosh! ; Putting all the 'bad stuff' behind , he was soo fudgen amazing! Beyond it actually!

    RIP MJ!

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  3. :) All I got to say...I know we won't be sad as long as we can still hear his music he'll never be gone...