Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Daze

Wass good people of Earth, it's the Kryptonian here returning after a mild emotional slump feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. Thanks to everyone who sent their concerns and words of wisdom my way, much appreciated. Now that summer's starting things should be getting pretty interesting not only in my life but in the world around us so expect dopeness =D. Hope everything going good for all my followers cuz ya know i got love for yall lol.

-Heard Busta's new album in it's entirety and though I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I was gonna be it just doesn't feel like Busta fully. I miss old Busta v_v. There are some dope tracks on there though, especially the intro track were we get a glimpse of the old Busta resurfacing.

-Black Eyed Pea's new album on the other hand I can't stop listening to. Sure it's not the most lyrical complex album in the world but MAN is it fun to listen to. Backed by's production the album has a definite party vibe full of electro-pop anthems. That album's definately gonna be in heavy rotation for the summer.

-I've always been curious as to why celebrity marriages and relationships seldom work out. Is it the paparazzi? The fact that you work with so many different celebs on sets that sparks fly? Whatever the case may be, it makes me wonder what it's gonna be like for me once I hit the big leagues. Only time will tell

-I still haven't seen Up! but I did see the preview for Toy Story 3 which had me BOOSTED!!! Toy Story is like my favorite Pixar movie so I will definately be seeing this when it comes out.

-Ima probably be getting more into photography within the coming months so expect some straight photo posts from time to time.

-Battlefield is a dope song and the video is a pretty good look for Jordin Sparks. I do kinda wish the video was a little more edgy to fit the stadium rock vibe of the track but it's all good. Since we're on the topic of Ms Sparks, i got a major celeb crush on that girl. She seems like a real approachable girl plus she's cute as hell and thicka than a snicka! I'd like to climb that girl! lol lemme stop

-ROFLMFAO!! I find this both ridiculous and absolutely hilarious. T-Pain is a trip.

-Who do yall think is gonna win the NBA Finals? Even though Orlando will probably take it to LA in the coming games my money's on the Lakers. Kobe want's it BAD this year and since Lebron is gone I just don't see anything standing in his way this time around.

-This is my JAM!! Mos Def is a beast and his album The Estatic is a classic. Too bad it won't sell alot because of how the general public is.

-Am I the only person who isn't that impressed by Wale's first single Chillin? The song is catchy but I mean the song and the video really aren't all that. Also i don't really see the point of having Lady Gaga on there because the chorus isn't anything special anyway.

-I'm not a HUGE fan on Jay-Z's new record D.O.A. (Death of Autotune). It serves it's purpose but beyond that i'm not very impressed. Plus I'm still not fully understanding why people hate autotune so much. I think when it's used creatively then it sounds dope (ex. 808s & Heartbreak). I think the main problem arises when EVERYONE and their mother wants to start using it because it's the popular thing to do. I think if only a select few people did it, there'd be no real problem.

-If you haven't already check out VICE's blog, that dude is a beast when it comes to photography and he's definately got a special eye for mood pics.

-I'm thinking about auditioning for Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance but I definately gotta become a better dancer before then. What do you guys think?

-I was listening to College Dropout the other day and laughing my ass off at the Bernie Mac skit. I miss that guy

-As a dance enthusiast I honestly wanna see Omarion and Chris Brown battle each other one day because i think those two are the best dancers in the music business right now and it'd be a dope battle. I see Omarion taking it tho because he may not be as flashy as Chris but he's much more clean.

-Don't you hate season finale's of shows? Seldom do they ever live up to your expectations and then also you realize that you'll never get to see new episodes of that show again. Shit blows me.

-I'm obssessed with rock and electro-rock currently so I've been listening to a lot of stuff along those lines lately. Cold Dust Girl is one of my fave songs at the moment, it's by this group signed to Lupe's 1st & 15th label called Hey Champ. Definately check em out.

-I LOVE this commercial for some reason lol. It's been forever but it looks like Detox FINALLY may be coming out soon. If your interested in knowing what song that ill ass beat at the end of the video belongs too, it's called Shit Popped Off.

-For all you gamers out there, wasn't E3 dope this year?!?!?! So many games to look forward to in the coming year!!! AGGGHHH!! I would put up my fave trailers but i'll probably do that in a different post.

-These guys are like the Japanese U2, they're called the BOOM BOOM SATELLITES. Their live show is INSANE. I definately gotta see these guys in concert one day.

Well for now ima put an end to this post because I got some things to get ready for today but I may be back here later on tonight for another post. Till then Rock on From Krypton. Have a great day to yall

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