Sunday, June 28, 2009

BET Awards

Ok i wasn't even gonna blog for the rest of the night but I just finished watchin the BET Awards. Nowadays I just tend to stay away from BET altogether because it's just filled with ignorant ass reality TV Shows, 106&Park (which i can't stomach anymore) and constant re-runs of Baby Boy and Get Rich or Die Trying, but I gotta say the BET Awards was DOPE! First off Jamie Foxx is a great host and had the crowd energized the entire time. Him coming out in the Beat It outfit was hysterical (i KNOW he was hurtin in the damn pants!) and throughout the show people we showin mad love and respect to the King of Pop. Besides the tributes to MJ, the performances for the most part were really good as well. My personal favs were Keri Hilson (babygirl KILLLLED it), Jamie Foxx f/ T-Pain & Travis Barker (the most ridiculous performance in the entire show), Beyonce (her performance was so beautiful) and...JAY-Z! I remember I posted D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) a while ago bashing it but i dunno after that perfomance of the song and having not heard it in a while I now LOVE that song (I still think autotune is dope when used right tho lol). The live band and the effects were ridiculous. The video for the song is ridiculous too (ima post it tomorrow because it's not up right now). I have some newfound respect for BET after that awards show for keepin it classy and just delivering a dope ass show. I leave yall with a video of Jay-Z's performance. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!



  1. Wow , totally different from my post. But yeaahh , JamieFoxx , T-Pain and Travis killed it! I think I like 'Blame It' better as a rock song!

  2. hah maybe i was so impressed with it because my standards and expectations of BET have gotten SOOOOOO low. But like i was pleasantly suprised with how respectable and well planned out the show was.

  3. I watched the BET award and I rarely EVER watch BET and I gotta say the opening with a tribute to the Jackson 5 was everything but good and all variations of that word because I don't think it was up to par. But Jamie Foxx was friggin' hilarious especially toward Diddy. But also to the fact that they managed to take the show they planned and do a 180 and turn it into a tribute to the sudden passing of MJ I give them props for that. That was great award shows...especially with Beyonce and the O'Jays...