Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's A Family Affair

Saw this new video by Wale called "Family Affair" earlier today and it left me pretty speechless. The song is remniscent of "He Say, She Say" by Lupe Fiasco off his first album and tells the story of the relationship between a pimp and his hoe through the perspectives of the pimp, the hoe and her child. Chillin is cool and all but I'm definately hoping that this one makes his album Attention:Deficit when it drops later on this year. Hope everyone's doin well even though it's pretty gloomy out. Rock on from Krypton

P.S. Shouts out to all the high school graduates who graduated today and all who are graduating throughout the week. Welcome to the real world!

Dueces Up!



  1. Maaan, so good blog! What will be an affair (LOL): if you don't check my blog.haha. I'm just kiding. But if you want check my blog (clothes brand) and follow me later write comments. thank you vision.air.y and stay fresh!

  2. I really like this .. even tho its kinda sad .. lol ..
    Thanks for your comments on my blog .. Yours is awesome... music is great and writing is deep. :]

    But anywhoo I have to DL the album .. i like it :]

  3. Thanx! glad u like the blog, urs is pretty awesome too =D.